Prym Intimates Historical Timeline

1743: First origins of the Newey Company

1804: First Hook and Eye fastenings for garments

1830: First royal warrant granted (Queen Adelaide)

1846: James George Newey invented the “Swan Bill” hook

1932: Development of Hook and Eye tape

1939: Patent – Improvements relating to sewing machines

1972: Newey (HK) founded

1978: Prym acquires Newey Goodman

1989: Pinmakers to the World, an illustrated history of the Newey Group

           by Jonathan Hunt was published

2001: Start of Prym Intimates era and established factory & sales office

           in Sri Lanka

2004: Established sales office in Hong Kong

2005: Established China production plant in Zhongshan city,

           Guangdong Province, China

2014: The Company has granted 5 new patents, setting a new benchmark

           in an industry that for decades lacked any real innovation

2015: Prym Intimates Zhongshan Co. Ltd 10th year anniversary


Richard Newey, founder of

 Newey Company


An early print of New Hall

William Prym

William Prym