Prym Intimates to unveil autumn-winter 2021 seasonal catalogue

12 June, 2019

Prym Intimates, the world’s leading manufacturers of customized lingerie accessories launched their autumn winter collection 2020/2021 in July 2019. The awe inspiring collection brings out innovative and creative fashion concepts under the themes - Modern living, Reconstructed legacy, Being a romantic and Tech-tility. 

Focused on simplicity, comfort and wellness; soft, natural and tactile materials are crafted into multi functional, sustainable and cocooning shapes to support work, rest and play. The past is brought back with a new twist through retro themes and designs that honor legacies, and create new ones. New comfort and newness is offered for the modern woman,combining punk details and effects with tech fabrics and modern silhouettes;making vintage cuts more wearable. Smart materials, Metallic, Tech fabrics are paired with elements of nature to create intimates and swimwear that are futuristic, sporty and reshapes the body, appealing to both the teen cat customer and mature customer.

The innovative spirit and creativity of Prym is showcased through the two collections launched every year, covering autumn-winter and spring-summer. The content rich catalogues are customer-centric and are aligned with the seasonal themes inspired by key seasonal trends guides.