Prym Intimates unveils The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

05 February, 2020

The world’s leading manufacturer of customized lingerie accessories, Prym Intimates, unveiled their stunning new spring summer collection 2021 in Jan 2020. The breathtaking fashion concepts, ahead of its time, are featured under the themes, Habitation Gyrate, Virtual Extract, Transfigure and Pure Transcendental. The content rich, customer-centric catalogues are inspired by key seasonal trends guides and are aligned with the seasonal themes. Prym’s innovative flair and creativity is showcased through the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections launched every year.

Focusing on ‘Less is more’ and ‘minimal is full of life,’ minimal designs with a rustic focus on craft and sustainability, and core basics are elevated to a premium status through ‘Habitation Gyrate’ – the design with soul. Exquisite intimate designs driving simplicity and emotions of the heart are crafted by blending utilitarian styles, embroidery, dappled texture, natural flower- and plant-based dyes and tactile fabrics that satisfy the appetite for newness. With the growing demand for sustainable designs, eco-conscious items and upcycled aesthetics, vintage silhouettes crafted from deadstock lace and trims become more appealing.

In a digital age, new realities are created through ‘Virtual Extract’ focused on hyperbrights, digital tones and showy metallic, giving both basic and luxe designs standout appeal. These innovative creations that appeal Millennials and Gen Z, carry a new level of sophistication, combining artificial colours, exaggerated forms, distorted prints and patterns, and hi-tech and transparent fabrics. Old ideas and new classics are re imagined for the digital age, with impactful designs borrowed from different eras and industries. Designs created by mixing sheer fabrics, impactful laces, versatile styling and densely packed graphic skins, showcase the blurring line between virtual and physical influences.

Creating designs with a futuristic edge, ‘Transfigure’ adapts the power of natureto transform challenge into changeInspired by the ocean, intimates that embrace enhanced comfort, longevity, and sustainability are created by combining iridescent threads, semi-sheer designs, opaque colours and designs that shift between dark and light themes. These designs are adaptable for sportif styles and a multi-functional modular wardrobe. They transform waste into beauty by merging nano-weight, regenerated fabrics with survivalist themes, opacity, and colours that celebrate nature. Even as concepts of trans-seasonality continue to gain momentum, creating high-functioning designs with a focus on enhanced fit for everyday lingerie offering maximum support gain relevance.

 ‘Pure Transcendental’ creates magical and dramatic designs focused on decoration and sensuality creating intimates that are beyond current trends. Inspired by mystery and fairy tales, something bigger and better is brought out by visual simulation by combining new yarn, soft metallic, intricate laces and flat bed Jacquards. Organic patterns, colours and inspiration from the natural world is gradually woven into these creations presenting a sexy design focus.