Silver Award at The National Green Award Ceremony

10 August, 2017

Even as the world is trying to combat environmental issues stemming from global warming, Prym Intimates Lanka is has also committed itself to become a carbon neutral Company and have taken many initiatives to engage itself in ‘sustainable manufacturing practices and make its contribution to the global sustainability efforts.

The Company became a ISO 14001 certified Company in 2012 and then implemented many sustainability initiatives thereafter such as Installation of skylight system to reduce energy costs, conversion to Bio-Mass boilers to reduce and/or eliminate usage of fossil fuels, converting all outdated motors with variable speed drive motors to reduce energy costs, Introduction of LED lighting systems instead of fluorescent lights, Investing in rain water harvesting system etc. In recognition of the work done by Prym Intimate Lanka, the National Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka awarded a Green award – Silver to Prym Intimates Lanka.